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 1. Welcome To The Cruise 

 2. Sukarita 

 3. For You 

 4. These are the Laws 

 5. Bring The Rain 

 6. Southern Smiles 

 7. Katiera Island 

 8. Ladies Night 

 9. New Friends Again 

 10. Stay With me Till Dawn 




 Original label: Rocket Records 1979 

 Big Moon Records re-issue 2000 (BM004) 


 Songs by Judie Tzuke & Mike Paxman 

 Produced by: John Punter 

 For You/Sukarita originally produced by Lem Lubin 

 Remix/Additional Production - John  Punter 

 Recorded and mixed @ Air Studios, London 



 Drums: Pete Van Hook/Simon Phillips & Barry De Souza 

 Bass: Mo Foster & Roy Babbington 

 Guitar: Ray Russell & Mike Paxman 

 Keyboards: Chris Parren & Paul Hart 

 Percussion: Morris Pert/John Punter & Mike Paxman 

 Soprano Sax: Ray Warleigh 

 String Arrangements: Paul Buckmaster 

 Brass Arrangements: Ray Russell 

 Tabla: Kesh Satche 

 Orchestra leader: Gavyn Wright & Richard Studt 

 Conductor: Martyn Ford

 Piano notes: Steve Nye 

 Additional Vocals: Mike Paxman 


 This Album was originally named "Stay with me 'till Dawn" in the USA 

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