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 Big Moon Records 1996

 Mixed and mastered by Oskar Pall

 Produced by Mike Paxman & Paul Muggleton 

 The Players:

 Andy Newmark (Drums)

 Peter Gordeno (Keyboards)

 Phil Spalding (Bass)

 Jolyon Dixon (Guitars)

 Graham Kearn (Guitars)

 Bob Noble (Keyboards)

 Jonn Savannah (Keyboards/Dulcimer)

 Andy Hamilton (Saxophone)

 Mike Paxman (Guitars, Keyboards)

 Paul Muggleton (Keyboards, Percussion)

 Engineered by Mark 'Tufty' Evans

 Mixed & Mastered by Oskar Pall

 Recorded @ Big Ocean Studios


 1. Two Mountains

 2. Parallel Lives

 3. I Never Liked The Way You Looked

 4. Under The Angels

 5. Bad Dream

 6. Life In A Bottle

 7. Shouting At The Big Wall

 8. Don't Let Me Sleep

 9. Without Love

 10. Joan Of Arc

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