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 Big Moon Records 2011 (OT5001) 

This album gives you the chance to experience, or if you were lucky, re-experience the wonderful show which Judie took out on the road to celebrate the release of the retrospective album 'Moon On A Mirrorball' in 2010. 


Recorded By Cameron Blackwood

Mixed by Paul Muggleton

Mastered by Mike Paxman 

Label Head: Jamie Muggleton 

Cover Photo and Design: Judie Tzuke 

Sleeve Design by Sarah Berry 

Special Thanks to Neil, Brenda, Jamie, Steve Racher, Tony Ryan & Gill Comer for services above and beyond the call of duty. 



Drums: Matthew Racher, 

Bass: Jimmy Sims 

Keyboards: Jonnny Dyke 

Guitars: Graham Kearns, David Klinke 

Backing Vocals: Bailey Tzuke & Tallula Tzuke 


 1. Enjoy The Ride (Godfrey/Godfrey/Tzuke)

 2. Under The Angels

 (Judie Tzuke/Bob Noble) 

 3. Secret Agent (Tzuke/Noble) 

 4. Faith (Judie Tzuke/Ben Mark) 

 5. Submarine Boy (Tzuke/Wiltshire) 

 6. Come Hell Or Waters High (Muggleton) 

 7. One Minute (Tzuke/Fownes) 

 8. Bring The Rain (Tzuke/Paxman) 

 9. Love Me No More (Tzuke/Kearnes) 

 10. I Will (Tzuke/Wiltshire) 

 11. Sukarita (Tzuke/Paxman) 

 12. Stay With Me Till Dawn 


 13. Sportscar (Judie Tzuke/Mike Paxman) 

 14. For You (Tzuke/Paxman) 

 15. If [When You Go] (Tzuke/Anderson) 

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