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  • This 3 CD collection brings together all of Judie Tzuke's recording output whilst signed to Chrysalis Records, spanning 1982 to 1983. In this period she recorded two studio albums, “Shoot The Moon” and “Ritmo” plus a live album “Road Noise: The Official Bootleg”.

  • CD 1 features the “Shoot The Moon” album which was released in April 1982 and Tzuke’s fourth studio album. It also includes four bonus tracks, the b/sides ‘Sold A Rose’ and ‘Run On Luck’ plus demos of two singles ‘I’m Not A Loser’ and ‘How Do I Feel’. The album was recorded at the legendary Welsh residential recording studio Rockfield Studios in rural Monmouthshire. It was produced by long-time collaborator Paul Muggleton. Three singles were released from the album, ‘Love On The Border’, ‘I’m Not A Loser’ and ‘Late Again’. The album peaked at #19 in the charts and was critically well-received.

  • CD 2 features “Road Noise: The Official Bootleg”, a live album recorded during her 57 date UK tour. The recordings featured were from performances at Hammersmith Odeon and Glastonbury Festival. It was originally released in October 1982 and highlighted just what a tight unit Tzuke and her band were. This album peaked at #39 in the UK album chart. The live performances include tracks from Tzuke’s first four albums including her top 20 hit ‘Stay With Me Til Dawn’.

  • CD 3 features Tzuke’s 2nd studio album for Chrysalis, “Ritmo” that was released in September 1983. Her fifth studio album, it peaked at #26, her fifth consecutive top 30 album. This collection includes bonus tracks of the 7” and 12” versions of the single ‘Jeannie No’ which appear on CD for the first time.

  • This 3 CD collection is available in a capacity wallet option. We have used the original front cover artwork for each CD wallet plus a 20 page booklet which includes extensive sleeve notes and a comprehensive UK Discography.


Disc: 1

  1. Heaven Can Wait

  2. Love On The Border

  3. Information

  4. Beacon Hill

  5. Don't Let Me Sleep

  6. I'm Not A Loser

  7. Now There Is No Love At All

  8. Late Again

  9. Liggers At Your Funeral

  10. Water In Motion

  11. Shoot The Moon

  12. Sold A Rose (Bonus Track)

  13. Run On Luck (Bonus Track)

  14. I'm Not A Loser (Demo) (Bonus Track)

  15. How Do I Feel (Demo) (Bonus Track)


Disc: 2

  1. Heaven Can Wait

  2. Chinatown

  3. I'm Not A Loser

  4. Information

  5. You Are The Phoenix

  6. The Flesh Is Weak

  7. Sportscar

  8. For You

  9. Come Hell Or Waters High

  10. Southern Smiles

  11. Kateria Island

  12. Love On The Border

  13. Black Furs

  14. City Of Swimming Pools

  15. Bring The Rain

  16. Sukarita

  17. Stay With Me Till Dawn

  18. The Hunter


Disc: 3

  1. Jeannie No

  2. She Don't Live Here Anymore

  3. Shoot From The Heart

  4. Face To Face

  5. Another Country

  6. Nighthawks

  7. Walk Don't Walk

  8. Push Push, Pull Pull

  9. How Do I Feel

  10. Jeannie No (Extended Version) (Bonus Track)

  11. Jeannie No (7" Version) (Bonus Track)

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