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 Original Label: Rocket Records 1980 

 Big Moon Records re-issue 2000 


 Songs by Judie Tzuke & Mike Paxman 

 'Rain on The Hills' by Judie Tzuke/Mike Paxman & Paul Muggleton 

 Produced by Paul Muggleton/Mike Paxman & Judie Tzuke 

 Recorded and mixed @ The Manor, Oxford 


 Vocals/Backing Vocals: Judie Tzuke 

 Guitars: Mike Paxman 

 Basses: John Edwards 

 Keyboards: Bob Noble 

 Drums: Jeff Rich 

 Backing Vocals: Paul Muggleton 

 Recorded By Steve Taylor 

 Assisted By Nick Thomas 

 Additional Engineering by Steve Prestage/Alan Douglas/Nick Thomas &

 Richard Manwaring 

 1. Sports Car 

 2. Nightline 

 3. Chinatown 

 4. Understanding 

 5. The Choices You've Made 

 6. The Rise of Heart 

 7. Living on the Coast 

 8. Molly 

 9. Rain in the Hills 

'Sportscar' CD is available to order in the  Special Edition Double CD along with the album,

'I am the Phoenix'.

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