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 Big Moon Records 2008 (JT5002)


 Photos and cover concept by Judie Tzuke


 Album design by Sarah Berry design 


 TKs 1/2/9 Produced by Paul Muggleton & Ben Mark 

 TK 2 Produced by Paul Muggleton & Ben Mark 

 TK 3 Produced by Paul Muggleton & Peter Kearns 

 TKs 4/5/6/7/10/11 Produced by Paul Muggleton & David P. Goodes 

 TK 8 Produced by Paul Muggleton & Jamie Norton 


 Mixed by Matt Tait 

 Album mastered by Alan Silverman @ Arf Mastering, New York 



 Bob Noble/Ben Mark/Jolyon Dixon/Jamie Sefton/Paul Muggleton/Matthew Racher/

 Andy Newmark/Stuart Ross/Peter Kearns/Bailey Tzuke/Adam Falkner/Ryan Carline/

 David P Goodes/Peter Gordeno & Jamie Norton 

 1 While She Sleeps - J Tzuke/B Mark 

 2 Break Your Skin - J Tzuke/B Mark 

 3 Wise Up - J Tzuke/P Kearns 

 4 Modified - J Tzuke/D P Goodes 

 5 After The Crash - J Tzuke/D P Goodes 

 6 Boots - J Tzuke/D P Goodes 

 7 Pot Of Gold - J Tzuke/D P Goodes 

 8 Won't Do It Twice - J Tzuke/J Norton 

 9 Faith - J Tzuke/B Mark 

 10 What's It All For - J Tzuke/D P Goodes 

 11 You Know Who You Are - J Tzuke/D P Goodes