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 Big Moon Records 2007 


 Photography by Judie Tzuke 


 Song Lyric Design by Chris Parkes @ T-Rock Print and Logistics Ltd 


 Album design by Sarah Berry design 


 Engineered, mixed and produced by Paul Muggleton for Big Ocean Productions 


 Vocal on 'Spin' recorded by Ryan Carline @ Real World Studios



 Ben Mark/Jamie Sefton/Paul Muggleton/David Saw/ Bailey Tzuke/Lizzie May/ 

 Gareth Gates/Adam Falkner/Ryan Carline/David P Goodes/Jamie Norton/

 & Graham Kearns 


 1 The Cup Of Tea Song - Judie Tzuke/Ben Mark 

 2 All At Sea - Judie Tzuke/David Saw 

 3 Oh My Days - Judie Tzuke/Ben Mark 

 4 Dark Days - Judie Tzuke/Gareth Gates 

 5 Spin - Judie Tzuke/Martin Terefe 

 6 Jewel - - Judie Tzuke/David P Goodes 

 7 We Don't - Judie Tzuke/David Saw 

 8 This Time - Judie Tzuke/Ciara Newell/Graham Kearns 

 9 Temporary - Judie Tzuke/David P Goodes 

 10 That Kinda Love - Judie Tzuke/Jamie Norton 

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