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 Produced by Paul Muggleton

 Recorded & Mixed @ Rockfield, Ramport & Oddesey Studios 


 Vocals/Backing Vocals: Judie Tzuke 

 Guitars: Mike Paxman 

 Basses: John Edwards 

 Keyboards: Bob Noble 

 Drums & Percussion: Charlie Morgan 

 Drums on "I'm Not A Loser": Jeff Rich 

 Accidental Guitar: Paul Muggleton 

 Additional Keyboards: Andy Clark & Don Snow 

 Male Backing Vocals: The Dribble Brothers 

 Recorded & Mixed By Jeff Titmus 


 1. Heaven Can Wait 

 2. Love On The Border 

 3. Information 

 4. Beacon Hill 

 5. Don't Let Me Sleep 

 6. I'm Not A Loser 

 7. Now There Is No Love At All 

 8. Late Again 

 9. Liggers At Your Funeral 

 10. Water In Motion 

 11. Shoot The Moon 

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