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 Original label: Chrysalis Records 1982 


 Recorded Live @ The Hammersmith Odeon on the 24th/25th May 1982 &

 @ the Glastonbury Festival 20th June 1982 

 Songs by Judie Tzuke/Mike Paxman/Paul Muggleton & Bob Noble 

 "The Hunter" by Jones/Wells & Jackson 


 Produced by Paul Muggleton 

 Mixed By John Hudson @ Mayfair Studios, London 

 Assisted By Andy Carb Canelle 



 Vocals: Judie Tzuke 

 Guitars/Vocals: Mike Paxman 

 Bass/Vocals: John Edwards 

 Keyboards/Vocals: Bob Noble 

 Drums: Jeff Rich 

 Backing Vocals/Guitar/Percussion: Paul Muggleton 


 Recorded By Mobile One 


 1. Heaven Can Wait 

 2. Chinatown 

 3. I'm Not A Loser 

 4. Information 

 5. You Are The Phoenix 

 6. The Flesh Is Weak 

 7. Sportscar 

 8. For You 

 9. Come Hell Or Waters High 

 10. Southern Smiles 

 11. Katiera Island 

 12. Love On The Border 

 13. Black Furs 

 14. City Of Swimming Pools 

 15. Bring The Rain 

 16. Sukarita 

 17. Stay With Me till Dawn 

 18. The Hunter 

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