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 Original label: Chrysalis 1983 

 Songs by Judie Tzuke/Mike Paxman/Paul Muggleton & Bob Noble 

 Produced by Mike Paxman & Paul Muggleton 

 Recorded & mixed @ Mayfair Studios, London 

 "How Do I Feel" Recorded @ Oddesey Studios 

 Engineered By John Hudson/Bob Parr & Simon Sullivan

 Assistant Engineer: Carb Canelle 

 "How Do I Feel" Recorded by Jeff Titmus 

 Mixed By John Hudson 

 "Push Push Pull Pull" Mixed by Simon Sullivan 


 Vocals/Backing Vocals: Judie Tzuke 

 Guitars: Mike Paxman & Ray Russell 

 Bass: John Giblin & John Rhino Edwards 

 Keyboards: Don Snow/ Bob Noble/Andy Clark/Paul Muggleton & Mike Paxman

 Drums: Graham Jarvis/Andy Duncan 

 BV's: Don Snow/Paul Muggleton/Mike Paxman/Roy White & Jaqi Robinson

 Percussion: Paul Muggleton/Morris Pert & Mike Paxman 


 1. Jeannie No 

 2. She Don't Live Here Anymore 

 3. Shoot From The Heart 

 4. Face To Face 

 5. Another Country 

 6. Nighthawks 

 7. Walk Don't Walk 

 8. Push Push, Pull Pull 

 9. How Do I Feel 

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