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 Big Moon Records 1997

 Mixed by Matt Budd @ Big Ocean Studios 

 Mastering by Oskar Pall 

 Cover design by Lorenzo Wood 

 Recorded and Produced by:

 Paul Muggleton & Mike Paxman for Big Ocean Productions 


 Keyboards/Backing Vocals: Richard Cardwell 

 Bass/Backing Vocals: John Robert Wood 

 Guitars: David Goodes 

 Drums on Tracks 1/2/6/7/9/10/12: Darrin Mooney 

 Drums on Tracks 4/5/11:  Pete May 

 Backing Vocals: Lucie Silvas & Annie Muggleton

 1. Wonderland 

 2. Under The Angels 

 3. Man And A Gun 

 4. Let Me Be The Pearl 

 5. Fly 

 6. One Day I Will Live In France 

 7. Higher And Higher 

 8. Left Hand Talking 

 9. Two Mountains 

 10. Vivien 

 11. Joan Of Arc 

 12. Stay With Me Till Dawn 

 13. For You 

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