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      Around the third month of 2020, everything changed. The UK and much of the world went into lockdown. Very early on, Judie found herself recovering from the dangerous and scary new virus which for a few days had her right on the edge of needing hospitalisation. 

      Hugely grateful to be on the other side of her illness, Judie's creative needs had to find an outlet. With the lockdown meaning she couldn't even go to her own studio, she ended up writing songs on facetime with her long term collaborator, Ben Mark, who was just as trapped in his London flat.

What they produced captured the feelings, fears and triumphs of this strange bubble of time. So, they endeavoured to record the tracks using the sparse resources available. Judie sang in her conservatory and Ben recorded nearly all the instruments. 

Excited to share these songs, they put them out as individual downloads, so as to hopefully bring some joy to the many lockdown captives, who like them, needed new music to help pass the time.

This CD is a remastered collection of the four tracks that were released, they have been remastered but have kept the rawness of the original versions.

The first Limited Edition run sold out in 4 hours. The 2nd Edition limited run, ran out in a week, this is the 3rd Edition, which is available now!

Written by Judie Tzuke & Ben Mark.

Produced and Mixed by Ben Mark.

Engineered by Ben Mark, Matt Racher and Judie Tzuke.

Percussion by Matt Racher.

Bass on 'Birds and Time' by Jamie Sefton.

Album Cover Design by Jay N. Cohen.

Download Lyric Sheet PDF here.


 1. Birds and Time 

 2. Hydra

 3. Idiot Kings

 4. Stealing


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LOCKDOWN 2020 Third Run for website.jpg
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