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 Label: Columbia Records 1991

 Songs by Judie Tzuke/Bob Noble/Paul Muggleton & Mike Paxman 

 'God Only Knows' by Wilson/Asher 

 'Jesus Was a Crossmaker' by Judee Sill 


 Produced by Mike Paxman/Paul Muggleton 

 Recorded and mixed at Big Ocean Studios & Metropolis Studios, London 



 Vocals/Keyboards: Judie Tzuke 

 Guitars/Keys/Percussion: Mike Paxman 

 Keyboards: Bob Noble/Don Snow & Andy Chamberlain 

 Drums/Percussion: Charlie Morgan 

 Keys/Guitar/Backing Vocals/Percussion: Paul Muggleton 

 Basses: John Giblin 

 Guitars: Phil Palmer 

 Bass on "Liam": Bobby Paterson 

 Soprano Sax: Andy Sheppard 

 BV's: 'One Day I will Live In France' - Nicolette L'Adventure 


 Recorded at Big Ocean Studios & Metropolis, London 

 Engineered by Paul Muggleton & Mike Paxman 

 Mixed by Stephen W Tayler 

 Assisted by Matt Howe/Heidi Cannavo & Craig Sullivan 


 1. One Day I will Live In France 

 2. I Could Feel You 

 3. Liam 

 4. Left Hand Talking 

 5. Jesus Was A Crossmaker 

 6. Stay With Me till Dawn 

 7. God Only Knows 

 8. Baileys Song 

 9. Calling Me Back 

 10. Outlaws 

 Re-issued 2008 on Cherry Red Records 

 Additional tracks: 

 11.Safe House 

 12.Dog Rose 

 13.Outlaws 12" Mix 

 14.God Only Knows 12" 

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