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The Complete Judie Tzuke Collection!


All 23 of Judie’s studio and live albums plus an extra CD with a selection of tracks from the ‘Moon on a Mirrorball’ compilation and the Song Clubs. The ‘Full Moon’ Collection is beautifully packaged in coffee table book form, full of pictures and Judie’s story.


Released by Wrasse Records.


CD1: Welcome to the Cruise

CD2: Sportscar

CD3: I am the Phoenix

CD4: Shoot the Moon

CD5: Roadnoise - The Official Bootleg

CD6: Ritmo

CD7: The Cat is Out

CD8: Turning Stones

CD9: Left Hand Talking

CD10: Wonderland

CD11: Under the Angels

CD12: Over The Moon

CD13: Secret Agent

CD14: Six Days Before the Flood

CD15: Queen Secret Keeper

CD16: Drive (Live)

CD17: The Beauty of Hindsight

CD18: The End of the Beginning

CD19: Songs

CD20: Songs 2

CD21: The October Road

CD22: One Tree Less

CD23: Peace has Broken Out

CD24: More From The Moon (Collection of selected tracks for the Box Set)

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