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Ninety minute concert from the "Cat Is Out" Tour featuring Judie Tzuke and her band playing eighteen songs, recorded at Croydon's Fairfield Hall in September 1985.

Judie Tzuke - Vocals/Percussion

Paul Muggleton - Guitar/Backing Vocals

John Edwards - Bass

Mike Paxman - Guitar/Backing Vocals

Bob Noble - Keyboards/Backing Vocals

Mike Simmonds - Keyboards/Backing Vocals

Matthew Letley - Drums

This DVD is a PAL version.    

Judie Tzuke - 'The Cat Is Out Tour'




At last…at long last. After nearly (emphasis on 'nearly') a quarter of a century as a recording artist, the utterly divine Ms Tzuke is properly immortalised in the visual medium. Admittedly, years ago there was a video called "Masterclass", but it was both visually dreary and aurally dismal. This DVD is what can only be described as the dog's bollocks… and is utterly brilliant and a totally essential purchase!


Unless I'm as thick as 'Timnicebutdim', this was originally recorded for a London area TV broadcast called…er. "Live From London" and, from the opening caption, would appear to be from the Camden Palace venue, but is actually from the Croyden Fairfield Hall (recorded on September 29th 1985). Both sound and picture quality are sublime - absolutely crystal in fact. Far from the usual shoddy 'copy and dump 'em as they are' transfer, in this case, the finished product is lovingly presented with fantastic clarity. In fact, I'm pretty sure this has come straight from a TV archive and may never have been seen at all previously. It really is a total visual and aural treat.


The entire 18 song set is complete for your appraisal - all 100 minutes of it - and it's just how I remember it (the tour I mean). This is a wonderful set by Judie, from what I fondly remember as one of her best tours.


As you can see from the track listing, this was a tour with a wonderfully varied set, Jude was a massive puller live, On film here, Jude and her band are enormously tight: Jude herself is totally relaxed and controls her adoring audience with ease.


I've watched this enthralling concert about nine times now, and it never bores me, even for a minute. What we need now is a new DVD of her most recent tour to complement this. Now that would be to die for. Congratulations to Classic Pictures for unearthing this gem.





  1. This Side Of Heaven

  2. How Sweet It Is

  3. City Of Swimming Pools

  4. Shoot From The Heart

  5. You Are The Phoenix

  6. How Do I Feel

  7. For You

  8. Harbour Lights

  9. Walk Don't Walk

  10. Nighthawks

  11. Who Do You Really Love

  12. Come Hell Or High Water

  13. Face To Face

  14. All They Can Do Is Talk About Us

  15. Black Furs

  16. Heaven Can Wait

  17. I'll Be The One

  18. Stay With Me 'Til Dawn

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